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Why choose World Search Group Scandinavia AS?

Why choose HR Gruppen and WSGS?

Executive Search and Recruitment

We provide you with the best candidates

We specialize in executive search and recruitment. This gives you as a customer security in the process through a good supply of candidates, highly qualified and motivated. Thorough and objective assessments and a process that takes care of both the client and candidates. Of course, our process satisfies the criteria in relation to the GDPR and general ethical guidelines

We give a fixed price for the assignment so that the process is clear and predictable for both parties. For higher positions, background check and reputation check are always included.

Focus on building a good reputation for our customers. Through a professional process, we find the best candidate, while we ensure that the candidates not elected have experienced a neat process and a positive impression of your company.

Personal career guidance

Why career guidance?

If your company is in a situation where you have to downsize, or you want to make changes that cause employees to be redundant, then an offer of help to find a new job can be a good offer for employees on their way out.

Companies that take care of employees even in such a situation, appear to be responsible and professional, both externally and internally.

Career guidance with us is an agreed, structured and targeted process where the goal is to ensure that the candidate is in a position to secure a new, desired job within a reasonable time. A career guidance will be a good supporter in such a process, both in terms of making the candidate aware of his or her own strengths, and ensure focus in the process towards a new job.

All career guidance with us is personal and a one-on-one process.

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​Together with Worls Search Group Scandinavia, our history in Norway and the rest of the Nordic countries goes all the way back to 1982.

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